Texas Church Financing Loan


Has your church been turned away from a conventional lender? Are you interested in doing some renovations or expanding your ministry? Then perhaps it’s time you learned about Texas church financing loans.

Whether your church is ready to purchase land or property, developing a construction site, or buying some new equipment – you’re going to need capital to do it.

In order for a church to grow and expand, external financing may be necessary. Many lenders won’t lend to churches. Even if your church has pristine credit, going through the lengthy process of applying with traditional lenders can be ill suited to meet your needs. You want a lender who understands the goals you have for your ministry and will take the time to really listen to your vision, and you can find that with a Texas church financing lender.

Your church may need to consider lending alternatives to secure the money needed to grow and expand.

Alternative Lending

Alternative lenders provide loans for churches, which might not otherwise get approved from a conventional lending organization. Working with a private or alternative lender means there are different guidelines and parameters and each company has their own process.

Generally if a church is still very young (one to three years old), an alternative lender may require proof of monthly bank deposits. However, just because a church might not have established credit or has bad credit, it doesn’t necessarily mean an application will be rejected.

Reasons for a Church Loan

There are many reasons why a church may need to seek a loan. If your ministry wants to build a new church, remodel the existing building, increase parking, or purchase land, you can find an alternative lender to help you finance these goals.

Church financing loans could be adjustable or fixed rate term loans and may have amortization periods for up to 15 years. You should ask the Texas church financing company you’re using for more detailed information about the type and terms of the loan you’re applying for.

Gathering Information

As you start to prepare for your loan, your loan specialist will speak with you to gain a better understanding of your ministry and its needs. You may wish to provide the following information to help your loan specialist embrace the vision you have:

  • Explain your church’s story and history
  • Outline your goals and purpose for the loan
  • Provide information about weekly attendance
  • Show proof of your church’s estimated property value
  • Provide the loan specialist with the current and previous years’ financial statements


When applying for church financing, you’ll need to be prepared. You will want to have all the information necessary, because it will make the experience as easy and efficient as possible. You may need to have a copy of the past three years of your church’s financial records including a balance sheet and income statement. It is also important to provide the number of members your church has and the current value of your property.

Building and expanding a church is a very exciting prospect. It’s important to have the funding you need to ensure your congregation can grow and accommodate future generations. A Texas church financing lender understands the unique situation you’re in and will be able to customize a loan program to suit your needs and financial scope.

God has blessed your church and members with many gifts and when you want to expand your ministry, it may be time to consider alternative financing. Knowing about your church’s goals and what you want to achieve will allow you to be guided to the right lender for your needs. A good lender knows projects take time and effort and the right one will be willing to take the time to walk with you every step of the way.