Frequently Asked Commercial Property Loan Questions


  1. How much do we have to put down?
    Usually  10% for SBA and 20-25% for Bank financing
  2. What property types do you lend on?
    We loan on all property types over $150,000.
  3. Do you have Stated income / stated asset loans? Yes. We have many of them.
  4. Do you do cash out commercial equity loans?
    Yes. We can go up to 90% LTV many times.
  5. What is your minimum construction loan amount?
  6. Do you do Hard Money or Bridge loans?
    Yes, we have a great Hard Money lending team with fast closings.
  7.  How long have you been in business? Since 1998


transcotowerIf you are still renting your business location Apply today! You are wasting money on rent. Own this month and build some equity. If you need some equity cash out we can do it fast with great rates. We have stated income and assets too.

Bank Commercial Loan Checklist The following list will help you identify the types of information a banker will need to make an informed decision about your business:

  • Three years income tax and financial statements
  • Year-to-date profit & loss and balance statement
  • Personal finance statements
  • Pictures of property or old appraisal
  • Short executive summary
  • Rent Rolls if you have tenants

This is all we need to get you a written quote or LOI.