Working Capital Loans-Building Your Future

If you have a business that you are looking to grow, then you have probably looked at your working capital and felt distraught. After all, you have all of these great ideas and clients that you have had to put on the back burner simply because you do not have the funds available to make them work. That is why we offer business cash advances and working capital loans that are perfect for helping you realize the potential of your business. What Can Working Capital Loans Do For You? Generally speaking, a working capital loan offers you the ability to...Read More

Understanding the SBA 7(a) Loan!

If you are currently looking to start or expand your business venture and you don’t have qualify for any conventional means of finance, then the SBA 7(a) loan is the right option for you today.  It is a primary loan program that has been backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is a flexible and long-term financing option that is highly beneficial for startup or expanding organizations. You will be able to purchase around $5 million for all of your business needs, which will include everything, from working capital to real estate. The SBA offers loans to businesses but...Read More

Texas Construction Loans

Whether you’re looking to build your very first home or building the house of your dreams, chances are good you’re going to need to seek financing. Construction loans for newly built homes are either acquired by a home builder or a potential homeowner. If you’re interested in learning about Texas construction loans, please read on for a better understanding of everything that’s involved. Basics Let’s proceed on the premise that you’re thinking about applying for a construction loan. These types of loans can be hard to get without a previous banking history, because there’s a lack of collateral involved. Banks...Read More

Texas Construction Loans

Are you purchasing raw land for commercial purposes? Do you want to build a retail center or office complex?  Do you have a retail or commercial property that needs to be updated? At some point you’re probably going to have to borrow money to develop commercial property and when you do, there are many financing options to explore. Real estate developers and investors who buy underutilized land or dilapidated properties have special financing needs, because they need to get these properties fixed and up to code rather quickly. Not only do developers and investors have to worry about selling, occupying...Read More

Texas Church Financing Loan

Has your church been turned away from a conventional lender? Are you interested in doing some renovations or expanding your ministry? Then perhaps it’s time you learned about Texas church financing loans. Whether your church is ready to purchase land or property, developing a construction site, or buying some new equipment - you’re going to need capital to do it. In order for a church to grow and expand, external financing may be necessary. Many lenders won’t lend to churches. Even if your church has pristine credit, going through the lengthy process of applying with traditional lenders can be ill...Read More

SBA 504 Loans: How to Use the Loan

The Small Business Association’s Certified Development Company/504 loan program gives long-term, fixed-rate financing for businesses. These loans are used to purchase new facilities or for buying equipment to update established locations. An SBA 504 loan is about helping a small business buy the things needed to grow and expand. These loans can’t be used for working capital or buying inventory. The Small Business Administration will grant a 504 loan that covers 40 percent of project costs. The maximum a company can receive is often $5 million on the Small Business Administration’s portion. 504 loans aren’t directly received from the SBA,...Read More

Texas Non-Recourse Loan

With the many different types of loans available to a business owner, it can be confusing as to what each one involves. A non-recourse loan is one that’s secured by collateral which is usually in the form of property. Read on to find out more about this loan and to see if it’s something you may want to apply for. Common Reasons for a Non-Recourse Loan Typically, a non-recourse loan is used to finance real estate, shipping or other related projects. These loans have long periods and unknown revenue streams. Another use for these loans is for stock loans and...Read More

What is Mezzanine Financing?

There are a lot of terms thrown around in relation to debt and financing and quite frankly, if you’re not “in the know” these terms can be extremely confusing. Like mezzanine financing, for example. What is it and what does the term even mean? We’re going to explain this term in an easy to understand manner and help you grasp some financial information that might be beneficial to you, if you’re in the market to apply for a business loan. In simple terms, mezzanine debt is what a company that has a positive cash flow uses to fund further growth...Read More

How to Apply for Church Financing?

Church financing is generally regarded as the hardest mortgage to arrange today. They are also considered to be an integral part of the community, and just like businesses they need to keep their accounts in the positive in order to stay functional. Even though financing a loan for a church should not be a significant problem, considering the fact that they are held in such high regard, there are a few problems that complicated church financing. Let’s look at them in more detail: Uniqueness A church is a unique piece of property and this makes it difficult for the lender,...Read More

Things to consider

THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE TAKING A LOW INTEREST COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN Before taking up a low interest commercial bad credit loans, you need to take a time to think and get prepared. In this discussion we have come up with the best possible measures you should take before taking these kinds of loans. Think Before Taking The Loans: Acquiring or buying a property for commercial purposes involves huge funds and hence borrowings play a key role in real estate business. Even if there is sufficient finance at hand to own a property usually one prefers to borrow...Read More