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We are a direct lender and a broker and we do not charge any upfront fees. We have been closing Texas commercial loans since 1998. We specialize in Bank turn downs and in fact, 80% of our clients were turned down by their bank. We also have “A” paper loans with long term fixed rates (up to 30YR), stated income, hard money (80% LTV!), multi family and land loans.

We do not ask for your SS number so fill out the free price widget above to find out our rates and available programs in minutes. You have nothing to lose and you will have a written offer in the next few minutes during business hours or an immediate call back from a loan officer if this is what you request. A commercial property loan officer will answer your call, not a receptionist so call now to have an answer or quote and structure in the next few minutes not a few days like most commercial lenders.

Top 10 reasons to use us.

1. EXPERIENCE. We are in Texas and have been in the business of closing Texas commercial loans since 1998. We have closed thousands of Texas loans and we know the crazy Texas real estate laws that can prevent your loan from closing on time. Read our Google 5 star reviews!,3,

2. With $0 upfront fees, we work for free until we are successful, how do you beat that? We have pretty much seen everything by now and have a work around or private money available. As a Texas commercial hard money lender you will get a fast no or yes from us saving you time and frustration. We go up to 80% LTV not 65% max LTV like most.

3. We have many long term relationships with small and private Banks and wealthy investors that have unique programs that most people would never find out about. We are both a lender and a broker so we have the best of both worlds available for our clients. If our cost for funds is cheaper through our line you win.

4. We are on most Bank, hedge fund, life insurance, CMBS, private and hard money lenders marketing lists by being in business for so many years. We get pricing updates several times per day in our automated system so we know when to lock your loan potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

5. Chances are that if your Bank has a wholesale department, (most do) we can get the money cheaper than you can from your own Bank! You are “retail” and we are “wholesale” just like any other business. We will even do small balance commercial mortgages down to $150K, most lenders are + $500K- $1MM minimum.

6. You will spend much, much time on this and we usually only charge a point or two. We will save you much stress, time and frustration and our deal is typically better than the one you could get at a retail price. Your Bank will charge 1-2 points plus many junk fees if you go direct and then you get to deal with a loan officer that is busy opening new checking accounts in the lobby of the Bank. FUN. We deal direct with Underwriting and typically close in less than 30 days, not 60-90 like most banks. A Realtor charges 6 points so we are a great deal.

7. We have seen many, many changes in the last few years and we are still here where many of our competitors are not. We have a very strong pull through ratio so we have never lost a lender or Bank since 1998. Many borrowers screw up the application process and get turned down or they do not get the best deal that was available due to inexperience and not knowing “the game”.

8. Call us if you are having trouble getting your loan closed or if you have a unique situation. We typically have the lowest rate and we do not add upfront or junk fees. We have 80% LTV hard money loans and fix and flip with 100% of repairs financed.

9. All third party fees are escrowed in a title company or paid to the appraiser at time of inspection so you know your money is safe unlike many upfront fee company scams.

10. We specialize in Texas commercial mortgage loans. We also have stated income and assets and no doc private money and hard money loans starting at 5.75%. We even have hard money construction loans available now up to 80% LTC.

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