SBA loans in Texas


SBA loans in Texas are easy to get!

SBA from 7% down (We have the #1 closer of SBA loans in Texas available to help you)

SBA loans in Texas are easy to get!

Our SBA loan officer is #1 in Texas and a top-10 national SBA lender, funding in Southwest and Western states.

BENEFITS of an SBA Loan :
1) Absolute minimum down payment – financing to 93%* of sales price
2) Lowest monthly payment – using a 25 year, no balloon note
3) More likely approval – doing many deals the bankers turn down
4) Timely – with most deals going from application to closing in 30 days or less
5) Ease of process – with the best and most dedicated team in the business

ELIGIBILITY to qualify for SBA loan:
1) A ‘for-profit’ small business – owned 51% or more by US Citizen(s) or PRA(s)
2) Use of Proceeds must go to benefit the small business:
a. Real Estate – acquisition, construction, and/or refinance
b. Cash-out must stay in the business, unless
c. Buying out a current owner (Bus Acquisition)
3) Small Business to occupy at least 51% of the Real Estate
4) Secured with a First Lien on the Real Estate
5) Eligible Property Types include:
a. Retail, Office, Medical, Light Industrial, Hotel, Car-Wash, Mini-Storage ..
6) Non-Eligible Property Types include:
a. Residential, Apartments, Mobile Home Parks, Agriculture, Raw Land ..

1) GLOBAL cash flow (historical and/or projected)
2) Management (experience and credit history)
3) Property type and value

DOES NOT always require:
2 yrs of business tax returns
Perfect personal credit – We have approved loans with a 580 score with collections and even BK
Cash at close – can come from equity in property or even a GIFT from family.
So, before you give up the DREAM or when you are getting the banker run-around,
Let me put my 20+ years of success to work for you.

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